The Sandman

In 2022, Netflix came to us looking for a way to promote the launch of ‘The Sandman’ in Latin America. But how do you engage people with a series that’s all about the power of dreams without adding hallucinogens to their breakfast cereal?

The challenge

How could our audience experience the power of dreams for themselves?

We didn’t just want our audience to watch the show, we wanted them to dream about it too. But since none of our team had mind-bending powers, we had to find a way of using technology to make this possible. And when we realised there was nothing out there already which could do this, we knew that we would have to build it ourselves.

The Sandman Lullabies, turning viewers into dreamers
Woman sleeping

The project

Using Artificial Intelligence to
promote good dreams

Research told us that our interactions before we fall asleep can influence the way we dream. So, we decided to give bedtime a 21st century makeover. First, we used AI to compose eleven relaxing lullabies and meditative videos based on the scripts and visuals from all eleven episodes of the series. Then, we brought The Sandman to life as an Alexa Skill and encouraged people to talk to him before going to bed. By running their conversations through sentiment analysis software, The Sandman could choose the best lullaby to play to them based on their current mood: helping them drift off peacefully into the dreaming world...

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Sandman Lullabie Epidose 3
Sandman Lullabie Epidose 6
Sandman Lullabie Epidose 7
Sandman Lullabie Epidose 9

The result

The first ever TV series to engage its fans while they were asleep delivering 60,000 nights of blissful dreaming

Our innovative approach to the brief gave The Sandman’s audience a unique and highly personal way of interacting with the show while generating significant media coverage. As other content providers fought for attention in the waking world, we helped Netflix to leapfrog them all by taking our message into the dreaming world.

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